Artist owner of Pet Angel Painting is an artist at heart.
Artist/Owner of Pet Angel Painting, Jeannine Bringman on location in California's Central Coast.

From fine artist to graphic designer and back again, that has been the life-long “love of art path” for Jeannine. It began in childhood while drawing for seemingly endless hours on a chalkboard in the back yard. Later, in college, the decision to move from fine art to design opened up the world of digital, instant gratification.

Following a career in design, Jeannine has turned to her first love, paint. Driving a mouse to create design files has it’s own pleasure for sure. However, drawing with the brush and watching the paint blend, skim and behave like a child with a will of its own is both pleasure and frustration at the same time.

The concept for the pet angel paintings began in human form. It was a vision of a person leaving earth in spirit form with just a glimpse of their foot as they travel to Heaven.

The first paintings were a male, a female and a child angel foot with floating feather.

SEE THE FIRST ANGEL PAINTINGS (Scroll to the bottom of the linked page.)

Thinking of loss in all it's forms, pet loss became the focus of the paintings that followed.

Add to a love of painting...a love of animals

"Dogs, cats and horses have been in my life, but really, ALL animals have endearing and often majestic appeal. That quality is a delight to capture in a painting.  

With that in mind and a sensitivity to the loss of precious and dearly loved pets, the pet memorial painting concept developed. Creating these paintings are pure joy."

-- Jeannine.

Our pet memorial to Peanut

Puppy Love

"It seems to be a natural desire to memorialize the life, love and relationship we have with our fur-babies. I felt that when we lost our dear Lhasa Apso, "Peanut" and created this little collage of each of us loving that devoted little rascal."

-- Jeannine

Pet angel living, my kitty "Fi'ty"
Pet angel living, my kitty "Fi'ty"

This is Fi'ty

Short for Fifty. Her coloring reminds us of a vanilla and orange creamsicle - the old "Fifty-Fifty bars." She's our daily joy.

Full name: Fi'ty Kitty.

Let's talk about your dearly loved pet

Contact me and we can get the breed, fur color, hair length, and other details working for your painting.

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